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Burkes Garden this weekend

Rick Ferguson
For Bill Deutermann and any other Bullet wranglers interested in a great day
of riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it looks like I will be making my way
to Burkes Garden VA (near Wytheville) with the Bangalore Torpedo on Friday
afternoon, to ride Saturday and return home Saturday evening or Sunday.

The agenda will include plonking around untraveled mountain back roads (some
of them are even paved) at comfortable Bullet speeds.  It's a beautiful
place, especially this time of year, and I don't know of a better place for
riding a Bullet.  I'd enjoy some like-minded company, and I know you will
enjoy the riding.  Near as I can tell from this distance, the chances of
good weather are, well, good.

I've rebuilt the bloody rear brake again and will need to road-test it on
Monday, but I don't expect any surprises.  But then I never do... that's why
they are surprises.  My doc hasn't authorized me to ride on my rebuilt hip
yet, but I've been commuting to work for a couple of weeks on a bike anyway
so this should not be a problem.  This coming weekend should be one of the
best this fall - I don't want to miss it.

If able, email me and we'll work out where to meet Friday evening

Rick F