Electrical or Carb problem ? Where to Start ?

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Electrical or Carb problem ? Where to Start ?

Facing quite a no. of problems with my 350 CI Std off lately. And what I am guessing is that the problems might NOT be from one source (OR ARE THEY ?)

The conditions are such as follows;
1. Engine not idling (NO! NO! Not SAME OLD topic. It isn't; even after my right hand on the throttle sufficiently. It USED TO, only a short while Ago.

2. Engine tending to DIE while throttling DOWN to below 1/8th (PILOT? Its untouched at previous 1.5 opening)

3. Engine dies with lights/indicators being ON for a while, even after continuous running & WHILE RUNNING (low speed). Very Old Battery on its last legs REMOVED ! New fully charged battery fitted. Same problem. Checked battery o/p voltage (Open ckt 12.7V, Closed with bike on 13.9V after revving; seems fine ! RR? Alternator?)

4. Fuel dripping from overflow tube of VM24 carb AT IDLING/STANDING. (Stuck Floats ! Cleaned Float / Needle Valve. OK for a while.)

Seems a week-end of RND ahead of me !! Any ideas/suggestions where to start from ?

NOTE : Bike runs daily judiciously for over 50kms; so SITTING SYMPTOM is NOT the issue here.

Would appreciate your piece of mind !

Take care. Happy riding.