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Help with Royal Enfield Classic 500

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hi All,
I recently did a de-coke but also removed the timing chest cover to polish the cover. I ended up removing the 2 idler gear sprockets inadvertently.

I also removed the decompression valve and cleaned it before putting it back together but am left over with two small (<1cm diameter) washers from the original decompressor valve assembly. In going through the Snidal manual I note that there are 3 washers on the decomp valve but I only have 2 large ones on there. There is no place to put in the small washers.

Secondly after putting the covers and head back on I have decent compression but the ammeter needle doesnt match up to where the TDC compression builds (in fact it pretty much sits in the middle and doesnt move much) AND the engine refuses to start. My battery is fully charged and lights, horn working ok. With the exhaust bend pipe off I can see a blue flame being blown out upon a vigorous kick but no starting..

What have I broken? Any assistance is most gratefully received.