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Need help on spark knock

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Hi All

I am facing a problem which after all my tries I am not able to solve or understand.

Its related to spark knock/ping. I know this is very much discussed over various forums and explained by Pete in his manual (which I find to be extremely helpful and encouraging).

All right, so problem I am facing is as follows:
During acceleration from a nominal RPM (ie a bit harder throttle than usual) in 3d gear especially I am hearing a spark for fraction of a second (like "chin" ..) from engine (year 2000 iron barrel enfield standard 350 cc). Is this a ping? Please let me know I am getting panicked. You know, there is no chance of putting throttle down, cause it happens for so less a time. Is it safe to ride with this ?

My enfield is all stock, except it has completely free flowing silencer. I didnt rejet at all, and my mikuni carb is playing with stock jets ( 90 main, 25 idle). Needle position is center (3rd slot).

I have made sure CB points are 0.4 mm apart when full open and I have made sure I am not running lean. "Air bleed" screw is 2 turns open. Spark plug insulator tip is chocolate brown and base is having soot color.
I have also done mid range plug chop as mentioned in Pete's manual, and spark plug color is still chocolate brown.

Please help !!