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Progress Report: Manual Offering

Twelve requests for the shop manual  have been received and answered. This is probably the fourth time over the past several years that  I've made the offering and am pleased to have been able to share my pdf copy with the group. I shall continue to do this periodically. While this copy is available as a free download elsewhere, my offering makes its obtaining a bit easier for the membership.

Unfortunately Pete Snidal, seems to feel this free offering is a threat to the sale of his manual and has over the years waged a campaign against me. Pete has been occasionally been supported by such as the likes of Marvin Amos for reasons best known only to their analysts.

I shall, despite Pete's pot-shots,  continue to offer this manual periodically as I have done in the past. I would also suggest to Pete that he should promote his manual in ways that are an addition to using this group's site for its crass hawking.