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I'm going to be headed out late spring of 2013 for a coast-to-coast trip. I'll be doing some camping and motel now and then depending on the weather. I’ll start in the Northwest then head south then up the Eastern Seaboard. I want to finish in Maine for the lobster. ;-) Then I’ll head back home ridding around the Great Lakes. Or maybe I’ll take Rout 66. Then coast HWY 1 then 101. Nothing is set in stone at this point. All by two wheels.

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I love a road trip.  When and where are you going?  At 73 and counting, I like the idea of relatively slow, camping on the verge, and maybe a quick trip back in a rental van with the bikes in the back.  A ghillie kettle of tea in the morning and on the road by 5.
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  Hello,I'm going to buy a New Old Stock 2007 Bullet Electra & AVL all-aluminum lean burning motor and I want to punch it out to 535cc. The dealer tells me I need to wait until I have 4,000 to 5,000 miles on it, because one needs to break in the rest of the motor and trany. I would appreciate opinions on this subject.Thanks,Timothy
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