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alternator help please

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Hi All,

greetings from Malaysia, its my first time here.  I ride a bullet 500 -
India 1995 which I recently acquired and found that : with the current 3
wire stator which I suspect is faulty, I am barely receiving 11.6-12.4 at
idle. Air / free gap between stat and rotor has been checked and same with
tightness of joints.

In my limited knowledge about cars an bikes batteries, any 12 volt system
should at least produce 13.3 on idle to 14.6 at max. I therefore intend to
upgrade the alternator system and would sincerely appreciate your advise on
the following as  there are no reliable mechanics here for this.

Firstly, I am thinking of getting the 4 output alternator = commonly
referred to as AC DC from my reading on the net. Please correct me if I am
wrong but arent they all AC prior to the rectifier ?

Secondly, I intend to combine one of the lighting AC wire to 1 of the other
2 wires which were meant to go to the rectifier and likewise for the other
lighting wire. 1 from Lighting to 1 from the other and again so that I have
2 pairs going into final 2 wires plugged into rectifier. I will not be going
through the harness for this part and I will pull new wires directly to
rectifier regulator which in my case will begin with a classic 35Amp bridge
rectifier from Steadfast.

As such, I will not have to worry about which lighting wire is common but
May I know what are the classic symptoms to look for in case my wiring is
not in phase ? Also, If I intend to add a capacitor across the 2 lines going
to into rectifier, what capacitor / value  would you recommend best plse?

Lastly for the zener diode that connects along the rectifier  regulated
positive output line headed fro the battery, and to the the ground, what
value of the zener diode should I be looking for please ?

Thanks in advance a 1000 times over. I really look forth to your reply and

Shamalan ( Sham )
+6 012 273 5657