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new guy here, introduction

Patrick Tooke
Just got an 06 Bullet ES--I think, 1600mi.
The rear fender says "E" some other tag says ES
new to Enfeild s, but bought my first two wheeler in the army in Germany in 1971.
 And many more since then.
Always owned twins, from the 1971 out of the box Bonneville.
The only single I've owned was a 1962 Mustang W/10hp Gladden engine/ 4 speed.
( those same transmissions were used in the Vincent)
The Royal Enfeild really does remind me of that. On a much bigger scale.
Anyway, hello folks, I get around motor cycles better than this computer,anyhow.
Maybe some one might recognize this bike, one owner, bought in Yakima, Washington USA.
It was owned by a fellow who owned Alpine Sports.
I got it from a truck dealer in Seattle WA.
Would like any info on the history of it.
I've had it three days and learned a lot already.
Like that little sheet metal buzzing niose might be the bolt missing on the front fender stay. But again, when replaced the noised changed, maybe the broken rear most braket holding the chain guard up-- poorly welded after it broke --has broke loose again?
I'm looking foward to the adventure!
Being new here I'll have to learn to post pics and vids.

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Re: new guy here, introduction

Hi, Pat
Welcome to the group. You'll love the Enfield. The E on the fender
stands for Electra, which is the forerunner to the current G5. The ES is
for Electric Start, which unfortunately doesn't have a good reputation,
the electric start part, that is. The sprag clutch is somewhat fragile
and noted for failing The engine kicking back is the culprit. Make sure
the timing stays well adjusted to avoid the kickback.
Learn how to kickstart it and save the electric starter for if/when the
bike might stall at an intersection. It's pretty easy to kickstart, so
shouldn't be a problem.
Enfields are great bikes otherwise and will give you more smiles per
mile than any other bike I've ever owned, and that's a lot of of bikes.